"Readers looking for an atmospheric, engrossing story of evolution in a season that changes everything will find Dancing on Seaside a gently compelling read, perfect for a beach tote and a summer's contemplation." - Midwest Book Review

 "Julius James DeAngelus has written a haunting, sweet elegy for a fading time in a fading town, with a sprawling cast of family and friends struggling with change, wondering about the future, and inextricably wedded to the past. I didn't want to say goodbye to these people and I couldn't stop thinking about them long after I finished the book."
 - Tom of  "Tom + Lorenzo, Fabulous and Opinionated"

Dancing on Seaside

My debut novel!

So many beach stories take place in idyllic locations like Cape Cod or Nantucket with their pastel colored houses and white sand stark against deep blue water. This is not that place.

Welcome to Atlantic City in 1977...where next year the casinos will be here. Already people are moving away and the place that Hope Shepherd and her son Jamie have come to love will never be the same. Join them for a summer that will show that they have more in common than they ever would have imagined. and let Dancing on Seaside take you through a season of friendships, first loves, growing up and learning to let go.

 "If you have ever spent time at the beach, shared a summer with a best friend, discovered your first love, then this is a must-read for you. "

- Reader's Favorite

"This book had me all the way through, I could see every house and street - the jetties, the piers, the crabs in the buckets, the kids flopping around in their plastic flip flops. I could feel the hot sun and shiver in the evening breezes. Everything was so much more real to me than any other novel I read."

 - Padraic

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