My Other Stories (Available on Amazon)

There is no telling what I might write about. These short stories are all available on Amazon and they run the gamut from an embarrassing experience in my first (and last) year in art school to a fictitious encounter with something unimaginable under the Atlantic City boardwalk to a reflection on a life from an unexpected narrator. I hope you enjoy these and please, leave your honest comments! 

The Lion Tamer

Two gangsters find themselves on the run. One will have to make a painful decision to get out alive.

The Sabrosa

Culinary student Brenda could have never planned for what horrors would happen at the Sabrosa...

Under the Boardwalk
What waits for you under the boardwalk?
Rick Would Skin Me
Who is sending faxes of a woman being tortured?
Two cops track a killer to an unexpected hideout.

Lancaster Best

A boy falls for an Amish girl working nearby. Can he ever get the courage to talk to her?



Why does everyone hate Sam so much?

I Will Warm Him

An unlikely narrator tell the story of a man who's lost hope...


True story about my failed career as an art student - with an ostrich?